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VEHICLE: 2012 Honda Civic EX-L sedan w/Navi (keeping the factory unit)

JL Audio JX500/1D mono amp with JL audio 4 awg wiring kit----------two 10 inch JL W0v3 subs in box
Kicker DX400.3 four channel amp with Kicker 4 awg wiring kit---------four 6.5 Kicker DS60 coaxial speakers

Questions about this install:

1. How many in-line converters do I need for the factory navi unit (only has high level inputs and no sub outputs) and how would I go about doing this part?
2. If I am using 4 awg power/ground wire for both amps, do I need a distributor box with 0 awg wire to the battery/ground or can I use 4 awg for everything?

3. Is 14awg copper speaker wires good for this installation? or do I need a 12 or 16?
4. Where is the best location to install both amps---both in truck or 1 in front and 1 in trunk?

Suggestions and tips would be much appreciative!
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