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Donkey Power Injection fuel injectors are high impedance injectors that provide excellent throttle response and even better mid-range
tuning and drivability making it the #1 choice for quality fuel injectors!

Donkey Power Injection fuel injectors use the latest injector technology. Each high impedance injector is balanced, flow tested and dynamically matched so each set guarantees an accurate and precise flow each and every time. Each injector is flow tested at 43.5psi (3bar) at 70ºF using certified calibration fluid so as not to harm the internal seals of the injector. The exceptional spray pattern and fuel atomization of these injectors provide prolonged driveability and make these injectors easy to tune. Donkey Power Injection injectors are structured to fit any application needed for your vehicle.


- Viton O-Rings for added protection against harmful fuel additives – Diamond cut machined tips for highest crucial operating conditions – With the latest in High-impedance design no resistor box is needed – Linear response across vast range of operating conditions – All injectors are balanced, blueprinted, and dynamically matched within 1% – Compatible with all fuels including gasoline, methanol, and ethanol – Unparalleled accuracy dispersed through all cylinders and flawless idle quality – Lightning fast solenoids for exact fuel calibrating

All sets of injectors come with fuel table data, and pigtails, along with top hat adapters if needed

The Plug and Play adapters are intended to work with RSX/06-11 Civic Si oem connectors

1000cc Injectors
Price: $449.00 with Plug and play adapters for a K-series engine harness.

DPI K-series 1000cc Injectors - AFH Parts


750cc Injectors
Price: $429.00 with Plug and play adapters for a K-series engine harness.

DPI K-series 750cc Injectors - AFH Parts

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