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Hey guys on behalf of R3 -Road Race Revolution, I would like to formally invite you to our monthly meet at mb2 Sylmar. This month's meet will take place August 22, 2013 8:00pm-Close

Come hang out with us and kick it! Food, Raffles, Karting, and Cars!

Everyone who attends the meet will get 25% OFF the races.

***When you come to the meet, park at the end of the MB2 building. We don't want to clog up parking spaces for their customers.***

We have only ONE rule, DON"T BE STUPID!!! or we'll kick you out.

That means:
No burning out
No drama
No speeding in the parking lot (we'll definitely kick you out for this!)
No littering
No drugs or alcohol (we'll write your plate and call the cops)

Rules will be strictly enforced. This is how we keep the peace. Ill update you guys with more info along the way. This meet is not a 1 make meet, meaning its open to all cars. honda nissan bmw bring it all.

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