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9th generation OEM wheel thread. (OEM wheels Only please)

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Over on the 8th Gen Civic board they have a long running sticky thread of pix of 8th gen civics and Honda/Acura OEM wheels.

We recently purchased a 2013 Civic LX in Dyno Pearl Blue.
I knew going into the deal I'd replace the wheels and tires...
Despise the Firestone Affinity tires and I would replace them with any number of OEM wheels I like much better.
I've got 97 Prelude 'blades' on my 2004 Accord LX

If you have a 2013 LX,EX,Si that you swapped stock rims for another variety Honda or Acura rim style, please post up the pictures

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12 LX on 05 TSX wheels
Those/that looks great!
Looks like the best of all worlds there, JRTX. Very nice. :)
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Those wheels would look great black.
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With yellow calipers!!! ;)
I'm gonna paint my calipers and drums hot pink.
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Yup.. stock rims for a 2014 Civic SI.. only problem is they look different based on what side of the car you're on... They are not symmetrical. Not a problem for some, a deal killer for others.
I generally don't care for asymmetrical wheels, but the '14 Si wheels are among the less offensive to my eye. At this point, I think that I now prefer them to the '13 Si wheels.
Some years yes, and some years no.
I think all the HFP wheels look good. My fav are gunmetal.
HFP, yes, I'll agree with that. But Si, and 'lesser' wheels have been hit and miss over the years.
Depends on the offset, and not the diameter or width of the wheel, necessarily.
I don't know enough about it to give you a definite answer. Hopefully, someone else will do so.
That's an interesting look.
New wheels and tires will negate any impressions as to what exactly causes some changes in ride quality. 'Change one variable at a time' is the diagnostic rule.

Regardless, very nice, understated look. :2thumbsup:
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View attachment 238930 View attachment 238938

Talked to Skunk 2 the other day about their springs for non-Si models. They are the most aggressive drop at 2.25" front and 2" rear. They aren't listed on the website as FOR SALE but the representative on the phone said there was a soft-release and they are for sale, just backordered. I wonder why :)
Those pictures don't look like much of a drop at all, never mind an aggressive one. Am I not seeing it clearly?
What's a ZX?
Merged and stickied.
Not my car, but I do like the set up though. Think I might get a pair of these wheels for mine. View attachment 363626
A set of four would be better.
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Along with the first oil and filter change decided to replace the 15s (with covers) with 16s (P205 / 55 R16)...
Yeah, that extra inch makes a big difference (or so she says).

I had replaced the 15s on my '12 with 16s and was much happier.
Wondering if you got the 8th gen rims for your car yet. I want a pair for winter but saw that there where issues on fitment on our 9th gens with other 8th gen si rims. Any input would be appreciated - Thanks!
To whom are you speaking?
Sorry, was talking to jdbassi about the honda 63996 rims
Unless the person's post you are responding to is directly above yours, use 'Reply with Quote.' It's much easier to follow that way. :thumb:
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