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9th generation OEM wheel thread. (OEM wheels Only please)

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Over on the 8th Gen Civic board they have a long running sticky thread of pix of 8th gen civics and Honda/Acura OEM wheels.

We recently purchased a 2013 Civic LX in Dyno Pearl Blue.
I knew going into the deal I'd replace the wheels and tires...
Despise the Firestone Affinity tires and I would replace them with any number of OEM wheels I like much better.
I've got 97 Prelude 'blades' on my 2004 Accord LX

If you have a 2013 LX,EX,Si that you swapped stock rims for another variety Honda or Acura rim style, please post up the pictures

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I have a 2013 EX-L and am switching out the stock 16x6.5 +45 wheels for the 2013 17x7 +45 HFP wheels. Has anyone installed 215/50-17 instead of the 215/45-17 on stock rims and stock suspension? Would like a bit more sidewall for a smoother ride as I'm getting older. Thanks!
2018 Civic Sport Wheels (Same as SI but Darker)

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Did you do any modifications? spacers etc?
Hey guys do you think a set of black oem 2022 Civic SI wheels gonna look good on my 2014 White Civic SI coupe ? Or if someone Had a pic of this combo i can Check it out
Those tires would look alittle too big with those wheels may want to go to a 225/40/18
381 - 385 of 385 Posts