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9th Gens in CT????

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Hey guys new to the forum, wondering if there are any other 9th gen owners here in CT??? Any meets going on ??
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am I the only 9th gen in CT ???
Hell no guy, northwest CT 9th Gen si right here

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Nice ! What part of ct you from there's someone near by me by never catch him when I'm driving mine!!
I'm from a tiny town called Colebrook in the Northwest corner, just north of Winsted, but I'm regularly in the Bristol area for work

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alittle ways from me but I know of the area, im from East Haven , any meets around here for 9th gens at all ?
I'd be down, I'm down in westchester county ny, but I usually drive up to Danbury to hang out with my friend and the lot by the mall is usually pretty desolate and there's food options :p
I am from the Tolland area, and I know there is another red si sedan around ellington.
We're all pretty spread out but I'd be down for a meet in some sort of central area

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I agree is Branford or north haven closest for everyone?? north haven isn't a bad place, has food options off exit 9 and giant parking lots but I agree we are all pretty spread out lol , if anyone has any other ideas throw it out there
Im in northern CT but in new Britain for college. I was looking for others ill meet up wherever is easiest!
Nice man! No one has gotten back to me on this lol
My fiance and I just moved to New Haven CT 5 months ago from Florida. Just sold my 08 Boosted LX and bought a 2013 Si w/ Navi :) I was well known on 8thcivic.
I'm in MA, but I work in CT...right at the notch in Granby. It's also my hometown. I think I've only seen one other 9th gen Si on the road in the 6 months of ownership.
I live in New Hampshire however I do go to Connecticut often.
Awesome , so we should have a small meet before winter really gets here , I'm usually only around on sat and Sundays anyone else ?
I could probably be talked into a meet at some point. I'm in the process of going from blown coilovers to stock suspension so my car won't be as pretty back to normal wheel gap but it's probably best for the winter anyways.
Looks like everyone is off I-91 more than likely even New Hampshire??? If that's the case whe should set something up off there... And hey I don't even wanna drive my car this winter lol but I have no choice
I am usually in the Stamford area... I am all stock at this point because I just got my car not to long ago and I am waiting for Spring to start my mods and such..
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