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9th Gens in CT????

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Hey guys new to the forum, wondering if there are any other 9th gen owners here in CT??? Any meets going on ??
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I'm from New Haven too. I live around Middletown avenue.
Sorry guys just sold my Si couple weeks ago and bought an EVO X.
But I have some stuffs for sell if any of you want to buy it.
Since I don't have more than 31+ post, I can't post it in for sale thread.
I'm happy to join in if u guys don't mind me driving an EVO
@That SI Are you the guy in a coupe Black SI I saw on Middletown ave?
It may have been me, near exit 8 between north haven?
The coupe SI with Skunk2 exhaust that what I saw couple weeks ago
I'm always on Middletown I go to powerhouse gym off exit 8

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I live on Middletown ave so I saw alot of black coupe Si but I don;t who lol
I see so many 8th and 9th gen civics in the New Haven/East Haven Area.. anyone on here?
Yes I live in New Haven and if u saw a 9thgen Civic sedan TW Si that's me but I sold mine last month.
Anyone interesting in Megan Street series coilover?
Asking $550 shipped
1 - 10 of 97 Posts
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