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Just thought I'd come by the post since I found a few helpful hints on this forum (My first Honda) and wanted to give a little back and give a little more detail on the stuff I had to find out on my own.

*4 quarts oil. Not sure what you guys use but I found some Mobile 1 Synthetic at Wal-Mart for $25/5 qts which seemed to be cheaper than the parts stores. The mobile 1 filters at Wal-Mart (15k miles) were about $15 so I decided I'd save a couple bucks and get a PureOne (10k miles) for $7 at Advance down the street.
*2 quarts manual trans fluid. I bought Honda Genuine fluid for $7/qt at the dealership. I'm not telling anyone what to do.
*Crush washers recommended for the oil drain plug, trans drain plug, trans check plug and optionally (see below) the trans speed sensor or fill plug. I'm not saying these are required but since I already had to go to the dealership for trans fluid, I just figured I would buy them.

The first thing I wanted to do was change the fluids. Simple enough eh?

**Jacking up the car
--The first thing I did was jack up the car so that it is level. I did this by jacking up the front end using the cross member just past the front bumper. I placed jack stands under the lift points below the front doors/fenders. (I recommend this since jacks are not to be trusted with your life.)
--I used my jack to lift the rear of the car by the tow hook to make it level. Just for liability, I'm not going to say this is safe, so use some jack stands in the rear if you want.

**Trans fluid
--Remove the metal skid plate under the skirting. I always read it as being a flat head, but mine looks like a #2 phillips head.
--The drain/check plugs are obstructed from underneath by the plastic skirting. You can try going in through the wheel well, but I decided it would be easier just to go in from underneath. A 10mm bolt and two of those "snap" fittings let me drop the front of the drivers side plastic skirting enough to get at it.
--Remove your check plug first just as a precaution. It's a 17mm head. Next goes your drain plug which is a 3/8" square head.
--If you've only partially removed your plastic skirting like me, it will drain right onto that. I placed a funnel under the trans and had it drain through one of the holes in the skirting into my drain pan. Mess free.
--Many will tell you to fill it up via the check plug. You can use a pump from below or run a funnel&hose from above. I chose to top fill it. To do this, remove the air box. It's two 10mm bolts for the box and a (small socket, forget size) for the hose clamp that goes into the engine.
--I was told by the Honda tech there is a fill plug but unfortunately, it's under the trans mount and I did not have the patience to deal with that so I just went for the speed sensor. I must apologize again since I forget the size. I believe the first socket I picked up was a 1 1/8" and it worked but I will advise you to use a taller socket. I managed to snap the plastic off that goes around around the leads. No functionality lost though, just a warning.
--I poured about half a quart into the trans just to flush out whatever was on the bottom before putting the drain plug back on. Pour the remaining half quart + another full quart into the trans until it comes out of the check plug. Reinstall the check plug.

You can now put everything back together except for the metal skid plate if you want the change your oil. The speed sensor appears to have a washer but I chose to reuse the old one since I did not have one and did not plan of taking it out in the first place. Your Honda dealer should be able to give you a new one but it looks like a 18mm.

Next is the oil, which is pretty straight forward. Remove the drain plug which I think is a 17mm and drain. The oil filter is easy to access. You can purchase a socket for it or just use a pair of filter grips to take it off like I did. Put your drain plug back in and fill your new filter with some oil and screw it back on. Fill your engine back up. It should take about 4 quarts total with filter. (When in doubt, use your dip stick) Put your skid plate back on and remove your jack stands.
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