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A girl trying to figure out her car!

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I have a 2013 Honda Civic si and back in November my clutch went straight to the floor and wouldn't come back up. Well the original owner said he would come look at it I trusted him because he knew everything about the car well I thought he did.. Anyway he told me it was the throw out bearing.. I sent it to get fixed at a local shop had it there 3 months and couldn't fix it . I got it back and the original owner said he would do it for me.. Well I had to replace the bearing . Well he ended up telling me I needed to replace the abs, cv Axel, new battery and outer tire rod.. He said he took the computer out idk why anyways but question is this I misplaced my hondata and he told me I didn't need it and then he said the car wouldn't run until he got the hondata to clear the codes .. My car isn't running it won't even turn over.. I noticed a red wire was cut under the fuse box and found out it was to my air fuel ratio.. Do I hondata for my car to start because he took computer out or is because the afr Isn't connected right? I've checked all the sensor to make sure their were none loose.. Anyway I just need some advice on what I need to do .. I just want my car back!!
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Do you know what codes specifically are showing up? I don't think you need a Hondata, per say, but it wouldn't hurt to have one.
When I think "clutch went straight to the floor and wouldn't come up", I think of a bad clutch master cylinder.

Also, did you buy the car sight unseen? Do you know this guy?
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