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A little more hp for R18

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What mods can I do to get a little more power out of the civic ex with out making it a loud turd just looking for a little more pep

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Just a thought. Ik the r hasnt been around to to long now even still. Guys if we can max out d series motors i think we can find ways to max out a r series motor soon enough #save the single cams
An admirable thought; but a pig is still a pig no matter how it's dressed.
Seeing as how the used car market is insane right now I'm keeping my civic and improving it. Got a new drop in high flow air filter. Then I started by getting rear sway bar. then did endurapro tein shocks on stock springs (used adapters washers for r18). Handling alone made the car quicker when it's important. But I would say it's about 10-20 hp off from being the perfect DD.

I'm considering getting lightweight wheels since it sounds like engine mods aren't worth it. The thing is wheels are not that cheap and idk if it's going to be worth the trouble. I'm already on the si stock 17 inch wheels.
Trying to get serious HP from an over-square engine designed for economy is ____.
That are 18 engines can handle up to 300 horsepower with stock internals it has cracked forge connecting rods piston oiler Jets high strength aluminum engine components
121 - 123 of 123 Posts