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Adding bass to the Si (help)

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It's been years since I've been into the bass scene, I bought an aftermarket head unit to be able to run an amp and some subs in my 2013 Civic Si Sedan. My question is with the factory amp, does it still work through the new head unit for the factory highs and mids that I will still be using for temporary use or do I need to unplug it or what? I bought a wiring harness so the stock harness will remain uncut. Any help is appreciated 🔊
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I’m almost 100% positive that yes it will still work and depending on what kind of audio your going for you could prolly use that factory amp to power the mid’s & high’s permanently and just use amp to power the sub(s) - unless of course your putting some crazy 1,000watt subs in there then you may need a bit more power for the speaks & tweets - at that point you may need to upgrade those too
Even once you get your sub in there I believe you can still keep the factory sub plugged in/working as well just needs to be tuned down… run as much as you can from the factory amp, use aftermarket amp to strictly power sub
I don’t have a solution just wanted to confirm that - yes, these cars can be slightly irritating because you can do almost nothing without Hondata lol
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