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All aftermarket exhausts and many stock exhausts are illegal in NY.

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So today I finally got a CBE after 2 years of being stock, and day 1 I get followed by a cop for a while. I wasn't pulled over or anything but it sort of ruined the fun of having the exhaust. I decided to look up what my course of action would be if i were to be pulled over, turns out you can't do ANYTHING about it. Any modification to your exhaust or mufflers is illegal, if you have any exhaust or muffler mods you only haven't gotten a ticket because the police have decided not to give you one.

Not only is it illegal under NY State traffic law to modify your exhaust or mufflers AT ALL, but it's also illegal to have bypass valves in your exhaust.

Can anyone with a legal background explain to me how manufacturers that have sport modes on their exhausts aren't all being sued?

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this is true for most places these days. west virginia is another. its illegal to have any modified exhaust including aftermarket systems that may even claim "50 state legal".

i was pulled over for my exhaust not too long ago and the officer explained it to me. he said in west virginia the vehicle needs a muffler and it has to be the OEM muffler or OEM equivalent, whatever that means, i have a modified inspection sticker now though so i should be ok and im not even worried about it anyways. anytime i have a police encounter they always let me go after i show them my weapons permit.
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There's been a big to-do going on for years about this in the motorcycling community. The short of it is that there is no way that a P.O., using a sound meter, can reliably duplicate the testing conditions on an exhaust system for noise. There are too many other variables that come into play, mainly the testing environment of the street, which is not the lab where the actual testing (for db) is done.

The trick is to not have a 'too loud' exhaust, whatever that is, to avoid getting stopped in the first place.

this is pretty much what the police told me but pretty much ANY after market exhaust designed for performance application will be "too loud" i think.

at least here in WV where ANY aftermarket exhaust is illegal, even with my catted full race downpipe and cbe i got pulled over for being too loud.

oddly enough... catless buddyclub and nvidia n1 i never got stopped haha. i NEVER drove my car past midnight though out of courtesy lol. it was 2am when i got pulled with the full race stuff.

most cops dont want to bother with something as trivial as an exhaust these days so unless youre being a jackass youll probably be OK and when a cop does stop you think before you challenge it. the officer cant test your car there but maybe he could impound it and test it somewhere else- highly unlikely but stranger things have happened...

at the end of the day its just an exhaust system. how long will it take you to crawl under and swap it? an hour at most. take the repair order, swap it, get it signed off at the sheriff (or where ever you do that in your state) and swapit back. problem solved lol.
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