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I did a search for alternator removal and saw one post where someone said they were able to do it without bulkhead removal. Looks impossibly tight but then I suppose if one twists and rotates possibly....Started taking my bulkhead off and it almost seems like the front cover coming off would be needed. Getting deeper and deeper lol. The main thing I would like to do with it being so cold is to minimize teardown as all the plastic pushpins, harness supports etc would like to crack being old and cold.

Is there a DIY alternator removal or other top post I may be missing? My search skills may be lacking. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance. MC

Edit: I went ahead and finished the bulkhead removal. The bottom two alternator bolts are so close to the A/C pipe that I suppose it was worth it. Didn't have to remove the front bumper cover - the unbolting of the hood latch, etc gave enough room to undo things. Will need a number of new harness holders as even with a trim tool the little pushpin connectors break. Lot of bolts holding that bulkhead on - hope they go back in OK.

I'll look to see if I slip that bulkhead in if I can lower the alternator thru.
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