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*sigh*. Looks like my third Honda is shaping up to be as problematic as my first two were. Super discouraging...

Anyways...I've noticed recently that when I am making sharp right or left turns (started out just on right turns), there is a groaning coming from the front wheel wells while turning.

At first I thought it was just that noise that occurs when you have the wheel turned all the way as far as it can go and the power steering makes that noise, as it sounds VERY similar, but the wheel is not turned all the way. Additionally, I lowered my windows in my parking garage and it sounds almost like the tires rubbing on something, but I can't be sure. My friend (who has a 2012 LX sedan) said "maybe it's just your tires on the concrete, that does sound like it...but mind doesn't make that noise."

I'm embarrassed to bring my brand new freaking car into the dealership...again...

Any idea what this could be for you mechanical gurus out there?
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