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I cant believe I am just finding this thread now...a month after my first track day.

I did HPDE1 at Carolina Motorsports Park back in May. My setup then was as follows

17x9 +40 Enkei TSV
255/40 Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2's
H&R springs on stock shocks
SPC front camber bolts maxed out at -1.75 degrees and the rear is natural camber at -2.5 degrees

I dont and didnt have any rubbing issues and my fenders arent rolled or pulled. I found that these car have a ton of body roll. I lowered my air pressure in the front to 28 psi and my rears to 30-32 psi. I just couldnt get enough heat in the Hankooks to stick the way I wanted them to which made the car push thru the corners with a lot of understeer. Also I knew I would need a lot more negative camber up front to help with my turn in response. I also realized that having a stiffer suspension is going to improve the car tenfold. My first session I was at a 2:32:88 and by my 5th session I was at 2:03:44.

Since that day and with my next track day not until November, I have some Yellow Speed Racing coilovers coming with stiffer springs (10k/12k). Adding these will drastically help the car by adding more front camber adjustment and stiffen the dampening. My issue with the springs would be the car hopping thru the corners after hitting a gator. Ive also ordered the Progress 24mm, and Im hoping to order a set of 255/40 200 tw tires and a spare set of wheels.
If you’re doing more track days, the rs4 is not a bad tire

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