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Boomba Racing would like to take all of our forum members on a
tour of our shop located at 635 Wood Dale, IL.
Anybody who has been following us knows we have moved to a new
larger facility.

Everything you see in this post is all under one roof, meaning
if you would stop on by in person you would get this same exact tour.
We would like to take a moment of your time and go into more
depth of exactly how we go about our cutting edge design process.
For this example we will be looking at our throttle body line,
rest assured that you can expect the same attention to detail from all of our

1. Once we conceptualize what product to manufacture, we first
start off by reverse engineering the OEM product.

In order to do this we use our ROMER INFINITE 2.0 which is a
portable Coordinate-Measuring Machine (CMM).
It is not uncommon for us to use our CMM to not only obtain
mounting locations, but also engine bay clearances.
Often times the intake manifold as well as any other
obstructions will be modeled.​

2. This is a Boomba Racing Engineer’s natural habitat.

Their diet relies heavily on Red Bull and if they perform well
they are rewarded with Oreos.
They do not like to be touched.​

3. Boomba Racing uses Autodesk Inventor for all 3D Modeling.

SolidWorks may be the industry norm because it is cheaper and
much easier to use, but it lacks all the features we need for our products.
We are not just simply a race shop, we also design and
manufacture custom automation solutions.
I really wish I could share some of those projects, but
non-disclosure agreements will not allow me to.​

4. After a 3D model is designed, our certified programmers can
upload it into GibbsCam to begin programming for the manufacturing runs.

Again, Mastercam is also the industry norm, but we found
GibbsCam to be much faster.
Machining costs are astronomical, so any time we save in this
department transitions to lower pricing for the end user.​

5. Behind Boomba Racing’s doors you will find a plethora of Haas
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Mills and Lathe as well as Fanuc Wire EDMs.

No machine shop is complete without manual mills, lathes, and

6. Can't forget all of our welders.

7. Boomba Racing assembles every one of our products in house;
it is the only way we can ensure our strict quality standards are upheld.

8. Before the product even sees the car, everything is carefully
calibrated and measured.

We even have a devoted test bench.
Our Romer doubles as a handy piece of technological measuring
device for our production runs.

To ensure everything is to the upmost standard we go as far as
design and build our own fixtures for testing and assembly.
I will touch base on our pressure tester in a later issue.​

9. We like to keep a clean work place, our service area is no
Between all of our machinists and masterful technicians, you can
find any tool you would ever need under our roof.
Everything also has its place.

Also a sneak peak of our project car, currently being torn

10. Of course we take real data and do back to back comparisons
on our AWD Mustang Dynamometer.

We prefer the Mustang as it applies the most realistic load a
car would experience out on the street.
Watch us build it

11. At this point you are probably thinking that the product is
ready to sell, well I hate to break it to you but you are wrong.
A small beta testing group is selected and the product is then
tested in the real world.

If there are any flaws we will start the process all over again
from scratch.
Boomba Racing will never sell a product to the market unless we
fully stand behind it and we feel it is of the highest quality and

12. Only after all of these conditions are met, a product has
the right to sit in our warehouse on our shelves.

As you can see, we keep a healthy inventory to keep up with all
of our clients’ demands.

We even plot our own stickers.​

13. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always sitting by
anxiously waiting to answer any questions or place any orders.

So come pay us a visit; after all, seeing is believing.​
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Thanks for the tour!

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Yes guys everything we sell we make and we can't wait to see some customer's stop by, we are definately gonna go strong this year!

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Hmmm i can say we have a new shop car that comes in sedan and hatch form haha i already said too much :p

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Haha i don't see a Focus ST in sedan form lol

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I just read your post again lol. Your talking about one car. So with that being said Subaru WRX/STI!

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Haha yes that is correct.
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