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car died on highway

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I was driving on the highway and as i was driving the car felt like it stalled it, lost all power and i couldnt accelerate. the engine was still running becuase i shifted down to see what it would do and it did rev down and could hear the exhaust. i have a check engine light on for my intake it isnt stock its a short ram and in the cold i get a code for running rich and it started flashing. when i pulled over the car was still running and i tried giving it gas to see what it would do, it would rev to 3k tops and then start to choke at 3k. i tried putting it in first to move the car and it wouldnt move i thought clutch at first but it isnt slipping its the engine itself is choking out. i turned the car off then started it up again and it ran as if there was never an issue. any ideas?

2013 civic si coupe
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Get those codes scanned. You most likely have more codes thrown

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Flashing cel would not mean loose tensioner/belt. These cars have an auto tensioner. The belt will fail before the tensioner will.

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