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Car got me a CEL for Christmas

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So I had been driving my company work van for almost 2 weeks solid and my car was sitting in a parking lot for that timeframe (its Xmas present from me - no driving) … it has been BRUTALLY cold 🥶 here in North Carolina for the past week or so, last Saturday I switched out vehicles and it was all of 18 degrees outside - started the car and let it warm up for 10 minutes or so - drop the ebrake and go into gear and ding 🛎 CEL light comes on ‘Check Emission System’ - cut the car off and cycle the key praying it goes away and nope still there. Fast forward a week, I’ve driven it 2-3 times since then and the car performs and sounds like normal but I got this stupid light in my face now every time I start the dang thing…
I’m going to check the gas cap and all hoses as I read in the above thread those are common mishaps - other than those few things though what am I potentially looking at here? o2 sensor??
Should I pull the positive terminal on the battery and see if that ’resets it’
Will take it to get the code read on Sunday if tomorrow doesn’t pan out

*Thanks in advance fella’s and HAVE A GREAT/SAFE/HAPPY NEW YEAR YALL!
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get the code scanned at autozone or any of those big box auto places, and report back the code.
its free...

if I were to wager its O2 related.

Take it for a nice drive where it warms up good.
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