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Hey guys, I was thinking of upgrading my rear speaker set-up this holiday season because the stock rear-fill nature of them is just not good enough for me.
I already replaced my front set up with a pair of Sound Ordnance components that I'm really happy with, but Im still debating how I should go with the rear set-up.

I dont want a ton of bass, the amount of bass that the stock subwoofer gives out on the higher end Civic trims is enough for me, so I was planning on buying 2 of these 6.5" Subs- Pyramid WX65X (wx-65x) 6.5" Single 4 ohm WX Car Subwoofer, they're really cheap and have gotten decent reviews.

So, I was planning on just swapping out my current rear 6.5 speakers with those two, and wiring them to a set of cheap component tweeters, so I just dont hear bass from the back, and run them all with a 2 channel amp.

Would that be a viable set up?
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