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Cleaning cars!!

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Alright!!, lets get it going!, lets see everybody's secrets on making our cars shine.:cheerleader1:
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Hey guys, is this good and 1 bottle enough for whole car (4 door civic)?
Not having seen your car, I would begin with Meguiar's No.7 polish. Less abrasive and brings back lifeless paint very well.

I used it with a ROP on my very not shiny '63 VW and it looked great when I was done.

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And this is before wax.

Hi, here my car not shiny like your VW,
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and what dose it means USED WITH A ROP? :)
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and here are some more pictures, showing what kind of problems it have visually :(

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Sorry, a ROP is an random orbital polisher. Makes quicker work in jobs like this but you have to be careful not to go too far.

The pics are not very clear to me. Is the clearcoat gone in some spots?
I`m not sure about clearcoat gone or it`s paint damaged or whats wrong at all on that spots.
I`d better take car in some polishing service, it will be better, to not damage more instead of fixing it.
Thank you.
Meguiars Ultimate Compound is a decent product if used properly and used for its intended purpose. It's basically a semi heavy duty scratch removing compound. For optimal results you will need to apply with a good polisher and appropriate polishing pads. A bottle should last multiple cars especially if using a polisher.

I think that a newbie should use extreme caution, which means starting with something milder, especially if using an ROP, and especially-especially if s/he doesn't know what the issue is to begin with. And bring it to someone who knows what the condition of the paint actually is.
ya, as i mentioned above i`ll get in service for repairs,
Thanks for info and advice (y)
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