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Cleaning cars!!

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Alright!!, lets get it going!, lets see everybody's secrets on making our cars shine.:cheerleader1:
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I will start with the outside;
-Soak tires/wheels/wheels-wells , mirrors & front end with a Multi-Purpose Spray (Spray-Nine from Canadian Tire, or Totally Awesome from Dollar-Tree)
-If your bugs are SUPER-THICK on the front, a Dryer Sheet is your friend.
Two-Bucket System with a Megauirs Carnauba Wash/Wax and a soft wash mit. Go over the entire vehicle.
-Will use a seperate cloth or brush for wheels (brush for wheel wells if need be)
Rinse from top-down.
I use a Chamois (not the fabric ones) to completely dry the vehicle (If I am real serious I will use an air compressor to blow dry the tires/wheels and any crevaces I cant get to)

-If its the first wax of the season I will use Meguires Clay Bar kit and do the entire exterior..
I love using Megauires Carnuaba Wax with a Mothers Power Ball on a Cordless Drill: this works great, its fast, and easy to remove the haze*

Use a micro-fiber and wipe down all your door-jams, trunk & hood jams.
Clean exterior windows with invisible glass after wax. (Tire shine after vehicle is dried and before you wax, so u can get all the over-spray off)

Start with the wipe-down because you will get smeara or over spray onto your glass (can use air compressor and blow out your cracks/crevices)
-after your wipe-down (micro-fiber & multi-purpose spray) and can follow up with a Mothers Protectant.
-Clean windows with white paper towel (not cheap brown stuff) and Invisible glass; safe for window tint*
*Vacuum entire car (vacuuming front: put seats all the way back / vacuuming rear put seats all the way forwards)

This is a pretty thorough clean, you can also vacuum mats before you wash the car, soak them with shampoo xtract or Multi-purpose... Let stand, them scrub, and can rinse them out with pressure-washer/hose. Use wet-vac to suck out the water and or air compressor; the sun will also be your friend...

hope this can help some. whatever you do, drop a rag in dirt/gravel etc. DO NOT bring in contact with your paint. get a new one :)
Makes for a very very long day.
What is the proper way to dry and store a sheepskin mitt? Reason I ask is the last time I washed my car when I was done I left the mitt in the bottom of the empty bucket with some other drying towels on top of the mitt and the next time I went to wash my car the mitt had a really really bad smell to it.
That's cuz it got mildew .. I just hang min over the edge of the wash pail .. and hang your towels up or they will be ruined too ..
Okay thanks guess I just forgot last time.
No it looks fine, my car is jus over a year old. Besides, how does a touchless car wash ruin your paint?
Think of somebody taking a power washer to your car enough said.
So.. Please correct me if i'm wrong. About a month ago, I used claybar, rubbing compound, polish, and wax on the whole car in a day,. If rubbing compound is abrasive polish, is polishing after using rubbing compound unnecessary?

Also, i've heard that it's good to clay bar at least 1-2 times a yr... Then how often are you supposed to use rubbing compound, polish, and wax?

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I clay bar twice a year I should do it more often but it is time consuming I would like to do it 4 times a year ideally. I clay bar, polish, seal, and wax. I try to wax my car every 2-3 months. Don't use rubbing compound unless your paint is seriously messed up you don't need that on a new car. People go crazy about waxes but the key is the polish and seal, a good polish and sealant allows any good wax to shine.
Depends on your application method.menzerna ,Wolfgang,dk,PCC,p&s,wizards,auto glym etc.
Just depends.lots and lots of options but key is,cost and application method and how often you plan on doing it
I use Auto Glym polish and sealant myself and I've had excellent results. I can pick up the product at my local auto parts store for not much more money than Meguiar's OTC stuff. Most people never heard of Auto Glym and just walk by it and grab Meguiar's or Mothers products instead.

I haven't tried Opti Coat cause I'm not comfortable using the product like you said that is best left for the pros.
I use the auto glym HD often.


Not exactly cheap.
But it works great.
I like it.but it takes time to apply right.
It's not a cream wax so it takes a bit getting used to.but works great.
Thats going to be my next wax purchase read really good things about that wax, I'm not a fan of paste wax at all but I'm going to give it a try.
I was wondering if anyone knows a product to remove the white stain from my Whale tale (roof visor)
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Try some rubbing alcohol.
I just bought Meguiar tire cleaner I believe. hopefully that works in giving my tire treads a clean look then I will buff the sidewell.
I've never heard of a tire cleaner before, you bought a wheel cleaner. They're meant to be sprayed on your wheels not your tires to clean off brake dust and dirt. All the name brand products will be alloy and clearcoat safe so I wouldn't hesitate to use it.
Now that is a hardcore detailer lol.

You clean the treads?
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Just a heads up guys I recently clay barred my car and had some gunk stuck on to the paint that just wouldn't clay bar off so took some Goo Gone sprayed it onto a microfiber cloth and was able to get it all off.
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Hey guys, is this good and 1 bottle enough for whole car (4 door civic)?
Meguiars Ultimate Compound is a decent product if used properly and used for its intended purpose. It's basically a semi heavy duty scratch removing compound. For optimal results you will need to apply with a good polisher and appropriate polishing pads. A bottle should last multiple cars especially if using a polisher.
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