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Clutch Fart

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Now I know many of you have dealt with this issue and/or maybe currently dealing with it… it’s that little ‘queif’ (dunno how you spell that 😝) sound from clutch every so often typically while coming off of a stop in 1st gear.
I remember investigating and reading about this when I first purchased the car a little over a year ago, I believe people said things like it’s a design flaw and the pressure plate is to small for the housing or some weird stuff like that, others said it was a release bearing, and then there were folks whom had replaced clutch/flywheel/throwout bearing/CMC & Slave etc and the sound STILL didn’t go away.
My question is, WHAT IS IT? And what do I need to look out for or service more often or anything along those lines??
The clutch feels fine, no slipping, grabs/engages smoothly (for 167k!). Only modifications are Acuity shifter cable bushings and knob. When I first got the car it would sometimes go days/weeks without making a chirp but it’s becoming more frequent as of late maybe like 1-2 times a day but it also seems to have gotten worse with the cold weather… I’ve found that applying minimal throttle and kind of rolling into 1st gear works best for avoiding the noise
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mine does the same, esp if you feather the throttle when releasing the clutch.
still bites HARD when nailing it at takeoff.

I read its one of the springs on the clutch plate that rattles loose and rubs causing the squeal.
guessing the feathering of the throttle or the torque going into first causes more flex in the clutch plate which causes the annoying noise.
There is supposedly a TSB, but I never saw the number for Acura.

I'm not changing mine until it's toast @ about 120k miles on the original now, will upgrade to a better aftermarket version then.
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What is a TSB?
Technical Service Bulletin
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Got it confirmed by a service writer for a dealer up north of me that the rusty or damaged springs are the issue (Though not if there is a TSB). They see a lot of them (his also does it).

It's random though when you might have it start happening. I've seen mileage vary all over the place.
I can reproduce mine 98% of the time, cold start, reverse out of the lane way, feather the gas release the clutch in first gear, wheel turned left.
im guessing from the additional torque on the outside drivers axle shaft.

it does it going straight as well, but not 98% of the time!
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