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CVT fill plug pops out, plugged vent?

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So I did an oil change yesterday and I noticed my fill plug was on top of the CVT... Kinda scared so I got some HCF-2 to change it out today and it has popped out again after 100 miles?

I've searched and found a few people that mentioned the same issue but no solution.

Anyone have some insight?
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  • Compressed air through vent, reinstalled.
  • Fill plug still popped out.
  • Cleaned vent with spray carb cleaner, then a can of spray brake cleaner.
  • Next, re-installed vent cap.
  • Fill plug stayed in!

2014 EX sedan 1.8 CVT

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When changing out the transaxle fluid it’s probably a good idea to change the filter too. It’s inside the transmission pan. You’ll need a new gasket too. I wonder if the plug is popping out because the filter is clogged and bypassing.
I wonder if the plug is popping out because the filter is clogged and bypassing.
Has nothing to do with a filter loaded with contaminants.

Most new trans filters are non serviceable. Dropping the pan is a waste of time. Just drain and fill

These filters are huge in the trans oil pan. There’s no way it would be clogged unless the trans failed already and sent metal fragments to the filter and now it’s clogged. Then you’ll hear the trans pump whine because it’s dry.

The vent cap not there will not introduce enough contaminants to clog the filter.

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Just checking in.

Just over 75,000 miles on my 2015 Civic Lx. I’m driving a lot less now since I started working hybrid when Covid hit.
Anyway, I just completed my third DIY CVT drain and fill.
Still running smooth, no issues.
Also be sure to inspect your vent tube on a regular basis. Mine was clogged up this time. And fill plug is secured with a zip tie just in case.

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