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This is my first ever performance mod I have done to FB6 and decided why not make a DIY for it?
Here is a DIY of an FKX Test-Pipe for 9th Gen Civic SI FB6/FG4.

Picture of stock test-pipe and FKX test-pipe


Both Side-by-Side:

Tools Needed:

  • Floor Jack
  • Jack Stands X2
  • Breaker Bar
  • Socket Ratchet
  • Extension Bar
  • 12mm Socket
  • 14mm Socket
  • 15mm Socket
  • 15mm Wrench
  • Universal Socket Joint
  • Oxygen Sensor Socket: 7/8in or 22mm
Step 1: Jack your car up enough to put your two jack stands on each side. After placing jack stands in the correct spot
lower the jack slowly until the car rest on the jack stands. (Leave your floor jack for extra support)

1 car jacked up.jpg
Step 2:
Remove the 3 14mm bolts that are connected to the stock exhaust.
(This step requires the use of a breaker bar)

2 bolts exhaust.jpg
Step 3: For the top part of the test-pipe towards the down pipe remove the 2 12mm bolts.
(For this step you may want to use an extension bar and a universal joint socket)

3 bolts downpipe.jpg
Step 4: Remove the Oxygen Sensor using a 7/8in or 22mm socket. Be very careful with the wires on the
oxygen sensor you don't want to mess them up. (This socket can be rented from AutoZone for $30 which
you will get back once you return the socket)

4 oxygen sensor.jpg
Step 5 (Optional): Use WD-40 to help soften the rubber hanger to make it easier to take off.

5 rubber hanger.jpg
Step 6: For this final step just bolt back on what you took off! Bolts form the test-pipe to
your exhaust will now be 15mm instead of 14mm. (Enjoy your test-pipe!)

For those of you that prefer to watch a video of the installation, I have also put together my first ever DIY video
to help people like me that would rather watch the installation then read the process step by step.

DIY Video:

Hope my first ever DIY write-up or DIY video was helpful to anyone that had confusion or was hesitating on doing
this installation on your own. If you have any question please don't be afraid to ask. (questions are free!)
If you have any constructive criticism on things I could have done better please let me know.

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This is the OP's video that goes with the first post.

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