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I just changed out my trunk light for an LED light. Very easy should not take longer than a minute.

1. I opened the trunk and push down the back seat to I can go though the back seat and into the truck. The only reason I did that is so the trunk light won't be on. I was not too sure if it was safe for the light to be on or not so I rather be safe than sorry.
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2.I stuck my figure though the gap on the side where the bulb lens is to push in the clip to release one side and then fully pull the lens off.
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3. Pull out the bulb. It might be a light tight don't worry just give it an extra tug.
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4. Then just install your LED bulb in and your good to go. First time I put it on backwards so just open the trunk to check. If so just pull it out and flip it.
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5. Put everything back into place and now you just installed your LED trunk light!

Again very easy to install just make sure you have a flashlight or a phone light i did to give you light while your in the trunk.
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