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Ok I will start with what I am working on. Currently I have a supercharged (eaton M90) K24 swapped Lotus Elise with a 6spd from an 06 acura RSX

I am wanting to take an ILX 8spd DCT and replace the manual 6spd

What I am hoping to find out is what kind of a management system I can use to control the new ILX 8spd DCT. I am ok with it not having an "automatic" mode at all and all shifting being done with paddle shifters. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could control the DCT seperately like this considering the ECU is set up to have a manual as it is I doubt there would need to be any changes to the program other than slight modifications to the tune.

I have been looking at HTG tuning but wanted some experienced input if there is any. I am in the Houston, TX area so if anyone knows anybody I can contact in the area please let me know.

thanks in advance guys!
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