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I am worried I've damaged the MAF
does the 2014 civic have to relearn fuel mapping when the battery has been changed?

I was doing service: motor oil, trans (manual), anti freeze, new battery, and brake/ clutch bleed

I had the MAF unplugged/out, and made the mistake of turning the key on to record the mileage and fill oil filter
all of the check engine lights came up immediately and I realized what I had just done

I shut the car off, put it all back together
pulled the battery cable for 15 minutes and restarted the car
no check engine lights

however it doesn't run right
in 1st gear (barely noticeable in higher gears)
if you leave aggressively and with heavy throttle
the car pulls normal until about 2800rpm. it stutters.. .or bucks...
after getting up to 3100rpm everything clears up and it pulls hard again

did I damage something?

or will the computer relearn driving habits and full throttle acceleration?

I've driven a few miles, warmed it up and its still there?

thanks for any help or guidance
I'm not sure where to start
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