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I been lagging on installing it, but I finnally did after a long wait. I took very long to do it. It took about 2.5 hours to get it done. My girlfriend helped me also.

It's pretty easy. I had a inverter, 15 inch sub, and a amp etc from my last car.

All i did was wire the power wire through the fender and came through the drivers under dash where the hood latch wire runs. Then run it through the driver side panels to the trunk. The inverter I tapped into the sub speaker and that's all. You could tap into the speaker wires behind the headunit but I didnt want to take apart the HU. I tapped the remote wire into the cigarette slot.

I have pictures, but too lazy to update it right now lol.

I cant stand music with no bass, so I had to get it done.

If I was watching the football game, I could have done it faster. If I were to do it again, I probably can do it in 30 minutes no.

Overall, it sounds way better than my 1998 civic, that i had a after market pioneer headunit, all 4 sony speakers and the same amp and sub i have now.

It will sound better later when i adjust the settings and get a better box, because I'm running a truck sub box right now.

I might make DIY with pictures later.
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