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Hey everyone, I have a 2015 Honda civic LX and I was doing some research and found i could put an 8th gen SI axle back on my 9th gen R18.
From what I've seen any 8th gen SI between 2006-2011 (axle back) can fit on a 9th gen r18 regardless of coupe or sedan. So i took an aftermarket injen axle back off of an 8th gen SI and threw it on my 9th gen r18.
I love how it sounds and it has an amazing deep tone while being very quiet unless flooring it, but i really want it like my buddy's 10th gen SI which burbles a ton and is still relatively quiet. I know this is a totally different engine but i figured i could achieve something similar by removing my current resonator, and putting on the bottle style vibrant resonator? Here are the sound clips of my car when it is at its loudest. any help on this would be amazing!

Click me for Sound Clips!
Axle Back Pics:
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Sky

Whats done to it:
AF Dynamic short ram intake, Injen Axle Back, lowering springs, tint done myself, rain guards.


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