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Hey, I've been a member here for awhile and haven't introduced myself or shown off my car at all; so here is that.

Anyways, I recently installed new wheels on my car and I never purchased TPMS sensors, so I attempted to unplug fuse #40 from the dashboard fuse box, and to no avail, my light stayed on as I have the 2013 model with sensors in my wheels. Shortly after, I noticed that my foglights weren't working, so I plugged my TPMS sensor fuse back into my dashboard fuse box, and then checked my main fuse box for the fog light fuse, #12 I believe, and noticed it was blown. I replaced it, and checked to see if I could try another fuse and that one blew as well. I do have aftermarket bulbs, although they've been running strong for months before now, and I never had any problems with them. I haven't tried reverting to stock bulbs to see if one is blown and malfunctioning, I'm really just hoping it isn't the wiring at this point.

I took apart almost my entire foglight assemblies on both sides to see if a bulb was disconnected, and I couldn't find anything wrong with either of them, and saw nobody else really had a problem with this sort of thing on the forums. Any help would be appreciated, I'm loving this car and community thus far! 🤙
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