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For all those who have replaced their factory head unit

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I'm looking into a replacement for my receiver and I have a basic question. Am I correct in understanding that to retain full factory iMID functionality, you need an iDatalink module?

And does anyone know of a head unit without a touchscreen with iDatalink functionality? (My research on Crutchfield is saying no to the latter question.)

I've got a 2014 Civic LX without "Display Audio" or "Premium Audio", so my only display at the moment is the iMID. I'm aware that I can retain steering wheel controls and the backup camera (the latter isn't hooked into the head unit so it's no problem--I had the head unit completely removed and my backup camera worked fine, so I know for certain that's not an issue) with the right adapters, but it sounds like there are problems with what the iMID displays (mpg, etc) with a basic replacement unit.


Oh, and has anyone had a problem wiring a touchscreen head unit to the parking brake in a manual transmission? Not sure if that would be an issue or not.
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I had Best Buy replace mine my backup camera still works the IMID just says “AUDIO OFF” all the time but everything else non radio related works on my IMID. Just all radio controls moved to the screen that I had put in. Also steering wheel controls require an adapter that’s about $120 to retain them but it’s super worth it for me.
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