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For Sale: Password JDM parts, RV6 down pipe, and stock 2015 Si sedan exhaust

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Traded my Si in a few months ago and it's time to clear out the extra parts.

Unlocked competition Flashpro - $350 shipped SOLD

Password JDM carbon fiber radiator cover and two side panels. and ignition coil cover. Side panels have some fading where the sun hit as well as where water collected (not sure if/how repairable they are). The radiator cover will only fit the 2013-2015 Si Sedan if I recall, but side pieces fit 2012-2015 Si sedan.
$150 pickup preferred.

RV6 catted downpipe - $75 pickup
Had this installed for about 5 years and 32k miles. Black ceramic coating has worn off a bit especially on the cat. Had an extra 02 bung welded in for my wideband (not the prettiest, but functional).

AEM intake - $75 shipped SOLD
Installed for about 4 years and 22k miles. Some rub marks on one of the lower pipes, but clean where visible from above.

Siri Moto N1 CMC/ slave cylinder upgrade kit - $75 shipped SOLD
Purchased new several years ago and never got the motivation to install.

Stock 2015 Si sedan exhaust - $50 pickup
About 30k miles on the exhaust

Password JDM oil cap, oil filters, 4.5qts 0W-20 oil - Free for anyone buying something if they'd like them.

I'm located in the Largo area of Florida. Pickup is preferred for the Password JDM parts and down pipe to avoid the hassle of trying to box/ship them (will consider shipping if nobody local wants them). Stock exhaust is pickup only.

Payment - Paypal or cash for local


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$450 for flash, intake, cmc/slave cylinder
$450 for flash, intake, cmc/slave cylinder
They're yours. I'll message you
Any chance of shipping downpipe?
Yeah, I could look into getting a shipping estimate. Just message me approximately where it would be going and I'll get back to you next week.
Would you be willing to ship the DP if so let me know, I'm definitely interested
Willing to ship the pwd jdm covers for the engine bay and the cap If so how much?
Password JDM parts and DP are both pending sale. Will reach out to you if they become available.
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