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Forum Rewards Program

College Hills Honda is proud to introduce "Forum Rewards Pricing". This program gives members of 9thgencivic.com special pricing on nearly 300,000 replacement part numbers every day of the week. Think of it as a coupon that never expires! How do you sign up? It takes 4 simple steps!

1. Go to www.collegehillshondaparts.com.
2. Set up an account.
3. PM me with your registered collegehillshondaparts username.
4. Wait for an approval reply.

Once activated you can either log in to the site immediately for rewards pricing or wait until you get to the checkout. If you wait until checkout you will see the standard pricing first, then the instant you log in your basket will recalculate with your discount.

Requirements to receive a Forum Rewards account.

1. You must be a member of one of the forums/sites we support.
2. You must be a member of the forum for a minimum of 30 days and have 10 posts.

Fine print stuff that you should read but probably won’t.
This program is only available to residents of USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. To receive forum reward pricing the order must be placed online at www.collegehillshondaparts.com. We will always be here for phone and email support however any order placed by phone will not be at the rewards pricing level. Special pricing applies to replacement parts only. Accessories and other select items will not apply. College Hills Honda reserves the right to remove or ban any user(s) from this program. Terms and conditions of this program are subject to change.
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