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Hey 9thgencivic,

I just bought these H&R Wheel Spacers, but had a change of mind since my setup has some minor rubbing with them. They sit flush with the fenders and look great, but I decided don't want to deal with rubbing or modifying fenders/liners. I only ran the spacers for about 19 miles. As for my setup, I have a 2013 Civic Si Coupe with TruHart Sport Shocks, H&R Sport Springs, and Stock Wheels.

I can't return the spacers since I installed both for test fitting so I'm asking $105 + Shipping for two sets, or $55 + Shipping for one set. Feel free to ask any questions.

Also, first post on here after lurking for awhile. Owned my 9th for almost 2 years now!


H&R TRAK+ DRM Series Wheel Spacers 20MM (4065640)

Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3
Thread Pitch: M12x1.5
Bore: 64.1MM
Spacer Thickness: 20MM
Part Number: 4065640


20191117_141108.jpg 20191117_141236.jpg 20191117_141255.jpg 20191117_141404.jpg 20191117_141646.jpg Inv_50065_from_Excelerate_Performance_1888.jpg

20191117_100312.jpg 20191117_101202.jpg 20191117_101254.jpg 20191116_133737.jpg

Thanks for looking!
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