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Hey 9thgencivic,

I just bought these H&R Wheel Spacers, but had a change of mind since my setup has some minor rubbing with them. They sit flush with the fenders and look great, but I decided don't want to deal with rubbing or modifying fenders/liners. I only ran the spacers for about 19 miles. As for my setup, I have a 2013 Civic Si Coupe with TruHart Sport Shocks, H&R Sport Springs, and Stock Wheels.

I can't return the spacers since I installed both for test fitting so I'm asking $105 + Shipping for two sets, or $55 + Shipping for one set. Feel free to ask any questions.

Also, first post on here after lurking for awhile. Owned my 9th for almost 2 years now!


H&R TRAK+ DRM Series Wheel Spacers 20MM (4065640)

Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3
Thread Pitch: M12x1.5
Bore: 64.1MM
Spacer Thickness: 20MM
Part Number: 4065640


Text Ticket Font Material property Mail
Auto part Disc brake Vehicle brake Wheel Rim
Product Auto part Wheel Metal
Auto part Box
Box Plastic
Text Font Line Parallel

Automotive tire Tire Automotive exterior Vehicle door Vehicle
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Alloy wheel Rim
Tire Automotive tire Alloy wheel Wheel Vehicle
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Rim

Thanks for looking!

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