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You’ll notice right away in the pictures that this kit is quite different than the standard. I purchased the original setup used from someone who... Played it loose with the claim that it fit the 9th gen Si. Fortunately, I sort of knew what I was getting into and made it work.

Below is a list of everything included and a link to a google doc that goes over all the changes and tips for install. The kit will come with that document printed out (along with the full IMT and 8th gen CT-E kit install instructions), but I highly recommend you read it if you are seriously interested. While I've included the vast majority of what you'll need, there will still be some items required to purchase and modify.

Please feel free to ask questions! Just know that if they are answered in the google doc, that's where I'm going to refer you.

If you are local enough for a pickup (St. Louis, MO region), I can let it go for $3400 cash. Otherwise the price is firm. It's not going to be cheap to ship!

Link to kit instructions and tips

List of items Included

- CT-E supercharger with approximately 67,000 miles

- CT-E manifold modified to use 8th gen style injectors a GM IAT sensor

- CT-E manifold adjustable brace

- New OEM manifold gasket

- Full IMT 2.25” Aftercooler kit

- Mercracing tensioner with lightly used belt (Maybe 1000 miles)

- VitViper Inlet with J37 TB adapter

- J37 throttle body with IMT MAP sensor block-off (gasket included with hardware)

- Multiple pulleys: 3.6, 3.3, 3.15 (2.95 installed)

- ID1000 injectors with wiring adapters

- K-tuned 4-bar MAP sensor

- K-tuned coolant hose for under the manifold

- GM IAT sensor and harness

- TB coolant redirection hose

- Intake piping and couplers with a MAF housing and ports

- Extra vacuum lines and clamps

- Hardware associated with each item (sometimes extra)

- Printed instructions

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Thanks for looking!
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