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Greetings all!

I have a 2012 civic sedan ex and I had my fuel lines replaced at the dealership.

I removed the left side shroud to access the lines and assess the installation after the tech spent more time attempting to view the fuel line from the openings through the shroud. The fuel lines, as well as two other lines, are fixed in several plastic fastening blocks as the lines progress toward the front of the vehicle and the metal clamp (with what appears to contain a rubber bushing) next to the rack and pinion near the drivers side engine compartment. I found one of the lines, may be original, directly adjacent to the two new fuel lines not seated correctly in the plastic fastening block nearest the metal clamp close to the rack and pinion.

One of the new fuel lines transitions from the plastic fastening block to the metal clamp with little more clearance, from the undercarriage, than the thickness of an empty envelope of a first class letter. The fuel line is not touching the undercarriage, but I am not comfortable with this minimal clearance.

Will this minimal clearance be a problem down the road?

What are the other two lines that are adjacent to the two fuel lines?

Does anyone have a diagram?

I am really disappointed with this $850 experience and I don't really want the dealership to touch my car or waste anymore of my time.

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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