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Good Brand Muffler to quiet down exhaust

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So Last week I installed an Ultimate Racing Catless Downpipe onto my exhaust system with an existing muffler delete. I expected my car to be insanely loud and drone so I'm not too upset with how it turned out. As of now I'm trying to find a really good alternative to replace my deleted muffler, if possible I want the exhaust to just have no drone, be quieter and just sound like a normal catback and downpipe system if possible. Does anyone have some good recommendations for this, I been looking into the DC Sports muffler but I feel like it wont achieve my goal and I feel like the vibrant muffler may be the best option or maybe adding a second resonator instead of adding the muffler back in??
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Resonators take away drone, mufflers lower decibels. Have you thought about putting the factory axle back on?

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Either the stock muffler or the Invidia q muffler should give you what you're looking for. If sound wasn't an issue I'd recommend a full 3" catback exhaust so you don't have bottlenecks
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