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Grill Options?

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I have a 9th gen civic si coupe that came with the ex trim grill and I hate it, does anyone have any ideas of How I could change it up. I like the high flow grills on the fk8’s and would like to do something like that.

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Red color Honda emblem FTW.

It reminds me of the Batmobile for some reason.
This is the most MONEY freakin mod ever - I’ll be ordering mine very very soon
I blacked out that chrome 'handlebar.' Looks much better, imho. View attachment 497673
I guess since your a mod and you have unlimited knowledge of our cars I just always thought you would drive the sickest Si ever lol - not saying it’s not but dang you’ve got a quirky style 😆 - wtf you got going on with the Steelers and like conversion van looking hub cover!? Thing looks like the terminator!
again, not judging, I know I’ve got some cheapo wheels BUT in my defense I literally had to have them in order to leave the tire shop - they’ll be getting changed hopefully next summer 😁
1 - 2 of 7 Posts