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So this is a sad boi post at sad boi hours....

About two Hours ago my Hasport 70 a Rear motor mount (RMM) cracked. Not only that, I think that due to the cracking of the RMM my Axle popped out the tranny and my RV6 down-pipe bolts became undone along with my belt breaking.....

Now the car is lowered on Buddy club Coil overs, the height it is currently at is higher than it was before I first installed my coils. The motor mount was good when the car was lower than it is now so it cant be the fact that the car was to low.

I will say this, the car is making a lot more power than when I first got the motor mount so maybe that has something to do with it cracking. Or maybe I am stupid and instead of only buying the RMM i should've bought all three Motor Mounts.

Anyway I am sad and just wanted to vent or share my story a little, maybe this has happend to someone else with the Hasport 70a rmm IDK.
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