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New member of the forums from Laramie, WY, hello everyone.

I picked up this baby from the local Toyota dealership about 2 months ago. 2012 Honda Civic EX, 1.8 L engine, 5spd manual, 105k mi in excellent condition. I love it. Call it "Kurokaze". (Yes I am a weeb)

Resized_JPEG_20190805_185635_1683412003446123171.jpg Resized_JPEG_20190805_185705_7671043844614130393.jpg Resized_JPEG_20190805_185722_9059591574744867505.jpg

Not a mechanic but I've been wanting to learn more about cars. I am a DIY'er, though. Mostly I made this account so I can discuss with other owners if I start having issues. My experience in IT has taught me that browsing user forums for a specific product is a good way to get information on a problem with said product.

So far only issue I have had is with the E-brake release button breaking and falling out, but no point in buying a $100 assembly to replace a 50-cent button when I can just park the car in gear, which I am told I should be doing anyway.

Might be interested in performance tuning at some point, but only after I've paid the loan off on this thing.

So, hi.

Truck? What truck?!
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Welcome to 9th gen.

For future reference, when you do replace the button/brake mechanism, pull up on the handle slightly before pushing the button.

This is not particular to Civics. This has been necessary in all of the handbrake-equipped cars I've owned and/or driven over the years.
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