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Head unit I-mid and center console ports not working!

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To begin I tried to do a head unit swap with a pioneer single din. Granted I should’ve got a pig tail to do the conversion but I’m usually broke so I end up splicing wires 90% of the time. Well I got everything wired up and had power running to the old head unit and the aftermarket since all the security wires and such go through the head unit. Fast forward and a lot of stuff doesn’t work like it should. I took out the aftermarket head unit and spliced the original wiring back together. Still didn’t fix it. Put a test light to fuses and fuses are good. Put the test light to the battery power to the head unit and bubkiss. No power. I get acc power just no main power. So now my key fob doesn’t work the stereo doesn’t work the I-mid doesn’t work nor does the ports in the center console. Could I have shorted something out when wiring or is this some sort of security feature? Any help is much appreciated. Side note I’ve always worked with older radios when it comes to wiring stuff in so I don’t know much about how the newer head units are with security and the like.
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Sounds like a can of worms and like you'll be needing a professional to fix it.
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