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Hello, I'm real excited for the new Civic, thinking it will be the slightly more sophisticated car I'm hoping it will be. My current cars and what I want are in my sig.

Anyway, I plan on doing a LOT of travelling this summer (gas prices be damned!) and need a good, reliable, practical, classy, and fun chariot to do it in, and the Civic Si Sedan looks perfect.

I like the looks and drivability of my Civic Coupe, which I inherited from my father who passed away from cancer a couple weeks ago, but dislike its coupe impracticality. The Fit is the most practical car ever built, but is not so great for longer highway trips. A pickup can haul more and go more places anyhow.

I'm hoping with a Civic Si sedan and some sort of pickup truck I can handle any situation requiring four wheels, and maybe pick up a V-Strom 650 for everything else :woowoo:
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