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Hey guys so I’ve been trying to look for someone on the forums who personally has experience using the fullrace catback exhaust + rv6 catted downpipe combo and if they’d recommend the pair to me or if it’s a hard pass. (As you can tell I didn’t find anyone so I’m making this post)

I currently only have a fullrace catback exhaust (Tried getting fullrace catted downpipe but they are discontinued and nobody seems to be selling one) and have to settle for either a Rv6 catted downpipe or the skunk2 downpipe, although I’ve heard that the skunk2 downpipe will make my car loud and obnoxious, and there’s only so much noise I am personally willing to take lol.

i plan on buying both the hondata FP and downpipe together so that I can install and get it tuned asap after so I need recommendations.

coming from a tuning perspective as well, would it seem smarter to take the 3’ skunk2 or the 2.5’ rv6
Or would the power gain difference be insignificant?
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