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Help with Hondata

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I'm working on loading a new tune onto my car, however I can't seem to figure out how to use the program button to flash on the tune. It doesn't seem to work. I've looked around, but there's still definitely a chance I'm doing something wrong.

After I upload the tune from my computer onto Hondatas first slot, I've tried taking it to my car, plugging it in, turning car into accessory mode, and then holding the program button for different amounts of time, but nothing happens.

What DOES work (I think) is when I have my computer connected to Hondata while it is also connected to my car. Then, instead of clicking any buttons on the device, I click Upload on my computer and it seems to flash to my car. The whole system happens where the tachometer goes up and all.

Is there any advice on how to flash a tune without needing my laptop there as well? I had a firmware error a while ago, but it went away with the recent update.
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You are definitely doing something wrong without the laptop.

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