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Help with wheels for my SI

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Hi guys i have a question about wheels for my 2014 White civic SI coupe. This summer i will need to change my finish tire for new one and why not maybe change my wheels too. So the question is what do you think look the best.

1- keep the oem one with new tire
2- aftermarket wheels (tsw sebring matte black 18x8.5 ET40) with new tire.
3- I can get a set of new 2022 civic si 18" black with the oem tire all new never used.
4- keep the oem and painted them black with new tire on.

thanks i don’t know what to do ….

Ps: i’m currently on stock height and plannin’ to stay stock height ….
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Wheels are a very personal choice best to make your own decision and live with it.
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