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Honda Civic Sport 2015 1.8 i VTEC fuel filter

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Hi. New to this forum.
I've had my 2015 Honda Civic Sport 1.8 ivtec for 3 months and just about to have a full service done on it.

It's only done just under 34k miles.
I wanted to ask: do I need the fuel filter replaced? If so, can you enlighten as to where it's located on this model? Someone said it was in the fuel tank?? Is it a big job to undertake?

Also, any pointers on getting a reading on the coolant levels from the coolant reservoir? It's in the most absurd position.
Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Fuel filter is part of the fuel pump. It’s no longer a serviceable item unless you’re changing out the fuel pump. It’s underneath the back seat. 2 ways to access it either open the back seat or drop the fuel tank from the bottom.

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Ah, great. Thanks for that.
Would you recommend changing it or just leave it until later on (when milage is alot higher).
Could of waited to reply once off the loo!;)
You don’t ever change it unless the pump is bad

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Ok, great advice. Thank you!
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