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Don’t want to sound like a bitch, but I’m broke and Christmas seems like an opening to get car parts from my parents. I’ve been wanting coilovers for my car because the stock look is killing me, but my friends suggest getting hondata, keep in mind my engine bay is entirely stock, I should probably upgrade some things before stepping into Hondata right?
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Well you have to get hondata to get the most out of the other parts so it's worth getting early. Even the base reflash will "wake" the car up a little bit.
And it’ll plug right into my stock ECU?
And it’ll plug right into my stock ECU?
Plugs into the OBD port under the dash. Then you upload a calibration to the ECU. Theres basemaps in the hondata program but to get the best and mist out of the car a custom tune is highly advised.
If you get Hondata you have to pay for a proper tune and if you add parts you have to pay for additional tunes with new parts so it's not a one-and-done deal.
Sounds like you may benefit from waiting and research more before buying anything. This way you get the right parts for you goals. Keep saving.
Buy once, cry once.

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