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I have a 2015 civic with CVT. I drained the transmission and removed the overflow/level plug. I then added new fluid until it started to dribble out of the overflow. I replaced the overflow plug, started and shifted into all gears for a few seconds. Just to make shure, I shifted through the gears a second time. I then removed the overflow plug and added the rest of the 4th quart of fluid. I expected to see fluid dribbling from the overflow, but that did not happen even before the 4th quart was empty. The dealer sold me 4 quarts and it looks like the capacity is 3.6 quarts.
What went wrong? How do I know if it is over filled? Should I drive it a few miles and then raise the car again and check the overflow?

I did have the car level with jack stands, so that was not the problem. I am thinking it might be because is was not at operating temperature. I drove the car a few miles and will now check the overflow at operating temp. I expect to get fluid from the overflow.
I had the same problem last week when changing the transmission fluid out of a 2014 CVT civic. I followed the instructions in the description of this video
, which includes letting the car idle until I heard the radiator turn on. I had to put in nearly 4.5 quarts to make it come out, which made me very nervous because most people said they only put in 3.6-3.8 quarts. I took it to the dealership and had to pay them for "half hour work" for them to check the fluid level. According to them, they did pretty much the same check with opening the check plug and putting in fluid until it seeped out some. They said I was pretty much right.
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