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I needed to do this since the previous owner was a woman that owned a dog. You will see why in the pictures...

You will need:
Flat and Philips screw driver
Plastic pry tool optional
8 mm wrench

You will see clips that have a little gap under the pivot. Use the flat head and pry it under to Jimmy it out. 2 pivots on right and one on left(no pic for that one but you will see it). The shift knob is held on by clips as you can see in pictures. Pull the leather down and/or wiggle flat head in between knob and chrome mold. Unscrew shift lever.

First detachable unit is the front tray area. Use plastic pry tool or flat head with some type of fabric to cover screwdriver (fabric to not scratch plastic) and pry it off little by little. You see in the picture that their are white clips that hold it down.

See the picture with the silver bracket. It was a bad shot but i circles where the screw/8 mm bolt was and then another bolt on the other side. Next, the last bolt will be where my finger is pointing. It was a tight spot so use the wrench.
Open secret compartment , unscrew 2 bolts

DON'T FORGET TO UNPLUG THE USB CONNECTOR! It's easy, just follow the only black cord attached to the console.

Finally, pull the center console out.


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